Skills : Welcome to Hell (2018)

24.-27.10.2018 // Kampnagel, Hamburg (DE)
21.-23.02.2019 // WUK Vienna (AT)

The 2 protagonists are incognito. 2 is, numerically, the smallest possible constellation to represent conflict. As soon as 2 disguise themselves in the same way, they are a sworn team, united under a secret agreement. They demonstrate a common bond, which can suddenly turn against the audience. Mummery was (and often is) cited as a cause for breaking up protest marches prematurely. It can cause situations to escalate, as is repeatedly seen in clashes between the “black bloc” and the equally masked police. The performers celebrate this perpetuating ritual and slowly begin its reinterpretation and transformation.

Concept, Performance, Music: SKILLS (Camilla Milena Fehér and Sylvi Kretzschmar) | Dramaturgy: Otmar Wagner | Sound Technician and Musical Collaborator: Peta Devlin | Costume Design: Patrizia Ruthensteiner | Assistant: Nina Klöckner | Production Management: ehrliche arbeit – freelance office for culture.
A SKILLS production, co-produced by Kampnagel Hamburg and WUK performing arts Vienna.
Supported by the City of Hamburg, the City of Vienna (MA 7) and the Hamburgische Kulturstiftung.

Photos by Sinje Hasheider

Photos by Patrizia Ruthensteiner