“The Blue Jay’s Dream” is Bird People’s second LP on Dead Vox and the first vinyl release to document the project’s new, predominantly acoustic direction.
In the winter of 2014/2015 Ulrich Rois and Roy Culbertson III (Burlin Mud, MAHTPA, Metal Mangs Orkaestra) started recording duo sessions of improvised, acoustic drone music using instruments like esraj, bowed banjo, mountain dulcimer, electric organ, oscillator, sruti box, fiddle and singing bowls. All the tracks on this album were recorded live in one room. No overdubs were used.

 LP out on Dead Vox records


cover artwork by Patrizia Ruthensteiner from the series “Die Sterblichen Überreste”
co-produced by Agnes Kilyenfalvi and Thomas Strutz
model: Kim Jade Tiroch

photographed at Moe Vienna