MONSTERFRAU against Marduk (2013)

MONSTERFRAU is back for revenge and for the 2nd round of the combat between Marduk and Tiamat. The story is by no means over. It is about absolute omnipotence. Everything’s constantly changing, permanently, at any moment, and also this. MONSTERFRAU wreaks lean beats into brittle and brutal noise.
Analogue rape of digital chips. In the depths of the abyss to the high heavens – the organic of the vocals gilds all electrical resistance.

By MONSTERFRAU alias Lena Wicke-Aengenheyster (Musik, Kostüm, Performance) with Patrizia Ruthensteiner (PET-Kostüm and assistance soundcostume),
SubtleNoiseMaker (NoiseMaker des Soundkostüms), Martin Moser (MidiController and MaxMSP-programming of soundcostume),
Sebastian Meyer (Live-Sound-Abmischung). A coproduction by Donaufestival and STAATSAFFAIRE
with friendly support by Dannemann Global Extrusion GmbH.


Wiener Zeitung

ORF Online


MONSTERFRAU TRAILER / Produced by Urban Friends Republik and StaatsAffaire / Director & Post – Alex Gelehrter / DOP – Ionut Staicu / Sound Design – James Monroe / Costume Design – Patrizia Ruthensteiner / Performance by Lena Wicke-Aengenheyster

Photos by Ionut Staicu / Alex Gelehrter

Donau Festival Krems (2013), Photos by Patrizia Ruthensteiner

Jacuzzi Festival (2013) Photos by Beate Neuhold