Word of got (sic)

Can not be at this years viennacontemporary? In this art project by Mandy Mozart you will be able to remote control a pope avatar across the exhibit.
Enter the hangout room to give your commands. Avatar costume: Patrizia Ruthensteiner


Skills : Arien aus Stein

ARIEN AUS STEIN is a concert with stories dedicated to a public space by musician and choreographer duo SKILLS.

Dates: 25.09.2020 | 18:30 [World Premiere] , 20:30
26.09.2020 | 16:30 , 18:30 , 20:30
Location: Balduintreppe, St.Pauli, FREE ENTRY



The exhibition ‘Manifestation of Profane and Sacred Power’ will take place in february 2021 at the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna,
in partnership with Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. The exhibition centers around the imperial crown of Austria, kept at the Imperial Treasury at the Hofburg in Vienna and the Wiener Gregorplatte. Works of Yul Koh, Theodor Maier and myself will be exhibited. The dates will be announced soon.